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As Los Angeles County's top ranked pest control service. Pro-Pest Inc. can take care of all your needs. From bed bugs to Aphids, spiders to rats, powdery mildew to leafminers, we've got you covered!

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Our professional technicians will eliminate your indoor & outdoor pests and will implement a long-term plan that meets your pest control needs. We even offer organic options. Just ask!  

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Pro-Pest inc. provides pest control to most of Los Angeles County

Pest Control in Most of Los Angeles County


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"I love these guys. They are prompt, professional and friendly, and always make dealing with the unpleasantness of pests a little more bearable."

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As a family owned business we understand the importance of keeping your home safe from pests. No contracts and no annual fees! We maintain a ‘case by case’ mentality that helps us create the perfect pest control service for YOU. We work for you, every day that you need us too.   


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